Tips – Natural Glow Makeup with 5 Y.O.U Products

In the middle of bustling activities, the role of practical and long-lasting makeup become the needs of active urban women. Have you ever been late because you’re taking too much time to groom yourself?

Y.O.U Makeups, a new cosmetic brand in Indonesia that highlights Long-Lasting Beauty as the tagline realized this phenomenon and shared a quick and practical daily makeup tips with only 5 products.

“Many women have a quite busy life, from college to work. Efficient makeup usage and the right technique are the main keys to start the day, so we can have more time before starting our activities,” said Y.O.U Internal Makeup Artist, Evilia,

These are the tips to achieve quick and practical makeup using only 5 products by Evilia:

1. Y.O.U Perfect BB Cushion

Apply the right shade of BB cushion as the base makeup and gently pat all over the face.

2. Y.O.U Eyebrow Styler Pro Brow Definer

Comb your eyebrows upward, then draw soft strokes along with the direction of your eyebrows growth. Start from the back then move to the front part. Reduce the pressure to create gradation and natural look.

3. Y.O.U Eyeshadow Palette (Nude)

Apply the eyeshadow by following these steps below.

Step 1 – cream (matte)

Use the first color in Y.O.U Nude Eyeshadow Palette, it can be used as a natural highlighter in the brow bone and along the nose.

Step 2 – light brown (matte)

This second color can be used as a contour in the right and left side of your nose, the hollow of your cheekbone, and jawline to create a natural defined face.

Step 3 – dark brown (matte)

This third color can be used as an eyeliner by drawing a thin line along the eye line.

Step 4 – gold (shimmer)

This color can be used as a highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to achieve a fresher look.

Step 5 – bronze (shimmer)

This color can be used as a bronzer. Apply gently in the cheekbone, apple of the cheek, and a little bit in the chin to give a natural warm effect, especially when you’re exposed to sunlight, it will give more glow to your face.

Step 6 – copper (shimmer)

This color can be used as an eyeshadow all over your eyelid. With using only this color, you can get a gorgeous eye makeup. Don’t forget to blend the color with blending brush to achieve a natural result.

4. Y.O.U Dual Extra Volume Mascara

Natural volume of eyelashes can complete your eye makeup. Use  Y.O.U Dual Extra Volume Mascara which has 4D fiber that can longer lashes effect.

5. Color Lip Matte Finished Lipstick Y.O.U

Lipstick is the most important last touch in makeup. 9 variants of Y.O.U Color Lip Matte Finished Lipstick can complete your whole makeup look. For a natural look, you can choose 01-Kelly, 02-Hazel, 03-Calla, or 04-Coco.

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